Our COVID Guidance

We are strictly following government guidance to ensure safety for both our kingdom and yours. We check the scot.gov webpage everyday to ensure we are up to date with each area and the tiers they are on. You can check your postcode Here if you are unsure of what tier you are on.

We will be implementing mask wearing at visits - except for when taking pictures so long as other adults are masked and keeping 2m distance. This means requesting ALL adults comply with distancing and mask wearing. Refusal to do so may result in your visit ending early.


All performers are wearing gloves and sanitizing before and after each visit. Our cast are also using the Test & Protect App   our team are also testing regularly with Lateral Flow tests of for the safety of our Kingdom and yours!

Gifts, party bags and prizes are being left to sit for a week prior to your visit as an extra precaution. All products are freshly purchased in advance and are wiped with antibacterial spray before they are wrapped and stored.


With 25 cast members across Scotland we are able to ensure no one is crossing local boundaries, though this does limit characters available in each area. Please book early to secure your date and character to avoid disappointment.


ALL visits must be held outside and follow current government guidance. Currently EIGHT adults from any number of households may meet outside. This means only adults who live in your household may be present at the time of our visit, and up to SIX guests. Remember adding our Character will make up for the EIGTH adult allowed. We can only offer FOUR characters per visit currently to ensure we adhere to this rule. Please adjust your guest list to account for extra characters or keep your guests in a different area from entertainment.

Children under 12 do not count towards an outdoor headcount - anyone over 12 is counted.

Thank you to everyone for the effort made during visits. From creating outdoor spaces and keeping adult distance, you have allowed a small business to keep running over what is an uncertain time for the events sector.

If you have any further questions on our visits and our Covid Safety regulations, feel free to contact us and we can talk further.